Hi! I'm Kelsey.

I'm a developer based in Los Angeles, CA.


About Me

I'm currently working at Teespring as a Software Engineer.

I'm excited by great CSS animations, experimental web technologies, and tools that make me a better and more efficient developer. I like solving puzzles, and I get so much satisfaction out of finding elegant solutions. I'm always trying to test the limits of what the web can do.

When I'm not pushing pixels around a screen, I enjoy hiking, biking, photography, and travel, among other things.



  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • SQL

    Web Frameworks

  • React.js
  • Node/Express
  • Vue.js
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Gulp
  • Craft CMS
  • Bootstrap/Foundation
  • MongoDB/Mongoose

Recent Work

Angular, Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery, ScrollMagic, AOS
Custom corporate site.
Angular, Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery
Custom corporate site with 20+ pages, built with about 15 modular/reusable components.
Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery, ScrollMagic
CMS-editable website with custom ScrollMagic animations and parallax.
Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery, Foundation, Lazyloading, Google Maps API, AOS
I built this website theme to be entirely CMS-editable, down to the color palette.
Using data from a course catalog API, I built a reactive search tool that enables students to quickly sort and filter a list of classes offered.
Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery, Foundation, ScrollMagic, SVG animations
CMS-editable website built for a luxury apartment complex in Los Angeles.
Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery, Foundation, ScrollMagic, AOS
HAML, SCSS, JQuery, ScrollMagic, Greensock, SVG animations
Every quarter, Lincoln Property Company puts out an animated, scrolling infographic. I developed the Q3 and Q4 infographics for 2018.
Rails, HAML, SCSS, JQuery, Foundation
CMS-editable theme for student housing in Austin, TX.